Gedicht: Deep insode of me

Deep inside of me

I’m so lonely deep inside of me
There’s nothing left deep inside of me

I’m only deep inside of me
Hiding deep inside of me

I’m fighting against a storm inside me
The pain falls like heavy rain upon me
Clouds of misery, a floating enemy
I’m fighting against a storm born from my reality

The pain and misery comes as suffocating silence

Where hope and daylight dies
It’s there where your cry’s will not surface
The will die from suffocating silence

As i fall to my knees i reach for my mind
What have you done
I suffocate in silence

I am fighting but it seems that you are winning
I reached the point where i don’t want to keep on living
My words are dying
And i choking inside me

I’m fighting with my heart as an enemy
What have you done, my obscure one
I see the end, i am done
This is my litany
It cannot be undone


Over het gedicht:

Ik heb mijn hart gelucht en het fluisterde. Deze woorden komen uit mij.

Een mooie vertaling van wat er in mij gaande is.








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Misery, Hope, Pain, Rain, Death

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