Gedicht: Forget the pain

Hallo allemaal

Weer lucht ik mijn hart en het fluisterde

nogmaals d een


Forget the pain

Everyday i try to forget the pain
I want you to bury me
Depart me into oblivion

I’m here from the start
I can’t seem to forgive me
I come undone
I’m screaming in my head
When i see what’s wrong
I’m screaming, bleeding
Death is seeding

My hand upon the gun
I cannot stand the beating
Every time i see my sorrow
My life the dirt, i stand upon
I shoot myself through my heart and brain

I need peace
From the rage inside me
Peace within my mind
When i rather die
I can’t find recess in my mind

I’m Digging a hole in the mud
A fortress of sand and water in my brain
Every time i look back it hurts
These walls i crave are slowly caving in

In the dirt i collected my life
Sinking deeper and deeper
The water, my decease
The pain has broken my sweet embrace
I want to relief

I keep digging but i ain’t seem winning
It has buried me alive
To win from the decease
I need to stand up and rise

In my head i ceep screaming
When is see They’re well being
I want you to stop killing me

Now i am torn and broken
There’s nothing left
Neither a shadow nor a ghost

My departure, a sad departure









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pain, struggle, peace, forgive, Oblivion

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