Gedicht: The calling

I've heard You calling me,
for a long time.

But oh my, why should I heath the call?
Me so troubled and struck down,
feeling like a clown.

Still, I've heard Your voice,
throughout the years.
You just would not give up.

And yes here I am,
amidst the debri.
The broken shattered pieces.

Mending a bit, would it ever be a hit,
in this world so torn and hellbent.

And You whispered: Let Me worry
about that. I have a plan, and you're
a part of it.

Maybe you did not notice,
but your life is a blessing.
You change the world just by being here.

For presence is all that matters,
so be present in the moment.

And you'll watch miracles happen,
each and every day.

B.R. '12








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You, calling, presence, miracles

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