Gedicht: Lord of my life

Lord of my life,
I need you.
Lord of my life,
I want you.

Right by my side,
whether day or night.
But now I know,
I've gotta show.

You're my friend,
not my savior.
You stand by my side,
You never hide.

But You leave it to me,
to make it happen.
You don't take over,
Cos then I never learn.

So carry on, carry on,
until we've won.
High five, high five,
what a life!

You're just my friend,
right beside me.
There's no hiding for You,
no need to adore You.

Just make You proud,
say it loud:
You're the best of friends,
there's none like You.

You only see the best,
of me and my kind.
Mankind, mankind,
no one left behind.

What a friend You are,
to everyone, and everything.
Living under the sun,
we'll be crowned by You.

You don't want subservient,
followers who bow down.
But like us to be more,
self-aware and kind.

Just remember You,
who spent time with us.
Whether day or night,
reminding us of what you liked!

B.R. ‘15








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