Gedicht: New spring

Deep in the stillness of the sweet lake
mirrors loneliness of trees

who long for a new spring
life juices and resilience

you paint yourself
in wet tears from the bottle

roads bore a void
behind bare horizons

where lust copulates with love
faces viewed from all sides

blur brightly in abstraction
still life fades in color

birds explore freedom
in loving and starting

the dream draws the landscape
where bright illusions awaken

a world without reason
gives itself a feeling

the river whispers stories
about your name and your heart

impotence conflict with skill
in new layers, heavy contours

tree edges drown in the grassland
skies form castles in the wind gestures

love keeps flowing
colors mirror water

paint takes the hand to warm beaches
damage and shame are enriched with experience

the dream draws the landscape
where bright illusions awaken

overjoyed animals look like childhood heroes
trust has united

suffocating darkness disappears
in clear blue skies

dream spring paints a story
move in the sun, clouds are silent

there is a passion in the dream landscape
full of earthly courage and diligent sweating

hands take the unwritten book to the sea
paint takes thoughts to unexpected depths.

© mobar








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