Gedicht: Spooky 2

Spooky 2

There was a spooky in the night,
Okay, it was a good one, all right.
His name is Casper, by the way
He's at you at night, not on a day.

Casper loves and loves and loves
He can't hate, he only loves.
He also can't take, but only give
What a way to live!

Put the blame on Casper, he really is a loving one
Everyone loves him and you always have the mistakes done.
Everyone says, : "No, Casper is a good one,
He's a good one, he hasn't done.

Put the blame on the good ones,
Cause now YOU have all wrong things done.

Casper is kind of the fave someone,
And, what he only can?
He only can do good, but he can't fix your computer,
when it's not working, (but) he tells you:
I go on my way, to do good things, on my scooter.

And that while your computer works not well
You really hate him, you think:
What can he tell?

I can handle without Casper, yeah, I'm sure,
Casper makes a couple love each other, so pure
but my computer he can't make.
Love isn't that important, Heaven's sake!
Computers and work on that
is the future, not love, I said.

Put the blame on the good ones,
otherwhile YOU have all things done!

Over het gedicht:

Pina Jones.








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