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Most Dreams Are Not What They Seem

Everytime I see you walking,
The heavens opens a bit for me.
Stars are nothing
if I compare them with your eyes.
'Cause when you walk
across me
clouds do just dissappear.
And if you smile
the whole world
smiles with you.

Most dreams
are not what they seem.
But if I wake up
-next to you-
then I still dream.
I feel your breath
and see your face,
You are a dream
lying next to me.
You look and me and stretch
once in a time dreams come out.

You have to promise me one thing:
Let me believe in my dreams
for long.
Even if your not here
for a little while
Stay with me in my sleep.
Let the vision I have
not disappear.
If should go
you should take my dreams
with you.

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Marco Borsato vertaald








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