Gedicht: Loveland!

I am drowning in my sarrow.

And i'm afraid of Tomorrow .

Every waking moment .

Where ever i went .

Sorrows of lonelyness.

And sorrows of emptyness .

Go with me everywhere.

To much to bare.

When the feeling is there .

Meaningless days .

To Many wrong ways.

IT stays and stays .

Now i am alone .

Watching my phone.

And read what i write.

About nothing bright .

Teardrops wet my face.

And im crying .

Sitting out endless days .

As my inspiration is diying.

All because i cant forget.

What love is ment for .

I'ts Keeping my eyes wet.

In dispare for more.

A shoulder, a talk.

Some laughs or a walk.

No more meaningless.

No more lonelyness .

Only lovelyness .

And brightness.

But thats not for me yet i guess.

Ill wait for my moment .

At my own loveland .

Where the love is an Independent.

And a true friend .

In the way love is ment.

Ra . 17-11-2015. Oosterhout

Over het gedicht:

Een gedicht over het gemis van echte liefde in mijn leven .








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Love, Gevoelens, Liefde, Liefdesland

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