Gedicht: Consumed

Consumed by him
He wasn´t aware he had eaten me
Swallowed me like I was soft candy
Spitten out because of a mistake
Only got to have a little taste
I saw the real you
For a split second
Then you were gone

Everything was better when I hated you
I didn´t know you
Now I know, you
At least I thought so
Bury myself in poisoned waters
To see if I can find you again
Or to lose you completely

I try to move on
There was nothing serious
Still you were there
Now you are not
Feels like a funeral with sad songs
To me you aren´t dead
But it´s clear I am to you
If you wanted me dead, why didn´t you invite me to my own funeral
I would have loved to see the decorations
And to meet your fucking plus one
R.I.P. whatever was and what never will be again.

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8 maanden zonder enig contact en een emotionele dag, maakt een zielig gedicht haha








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nietzoromantisch, afscheid, eindevriendschap, eindeva

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