Gedicht: Winter comes for me

* Winter comes for me

Where’s the hope i desperately needed
When my dreams failed to reach me

When the winter embraces me
Silence falls within my mind
A cold dark reign
It eases my pain
Death come near me
Embrace me, consume me

The autumn rains have found me
It’s slowly filling
Receiving, breaking
The Pain contains me

The dreams of light
Of which we’re feeding
Has failed to reach me

When i crawl deep inside me
I feel the demon
The burden
That’s driving me insane
When no one will find nor cut this chain

They say i’m lost

My mind is a sanctum
Compared to society
When i feel my anger
My thoughts haunting me

Running and drowning
Twisting and falling
These holes i fall in

The winter is coming, embracing
A cold marriage, it’s my beating
I just want to die falling
When the truth burns me in the eye

When these nights covers me
I see the stars falling
When i solemnly gaze beyond me
I see the pain consumes me

Help me i’m falling
I fall in
Someone help me now
Do you hear my calling?









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Winter, Silence, Falling, Dark, Embrace

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