Gedicht: We are one

* We are one

Come and take my hand
Walk with me into the darkened night

When the sun has sunk below
From the earth demons rise, they kill
Rivers of blood overflow

All the ones i have beaten
All the ones in their grave
I spit upon

From the sky lightning strikes
Ablazing all of life
Blood will cover the earth

I can see the tears in your eyes
Now, what is wrong?
Open your eyes and watch them drown
This is your wish, i made it done

As we soar through the sky’s
You’re hand holding mine
I can see a glimpse of red
Maybe it is a bleeding star, my death

The fire and the demons
Death is feasting
You’ve called this upon, everyone

The night is almost done
From the sky we’re descending
Hand in hand your heart is mine
I can see it growing, our love will come

Together we’re one
Until the night falls to the sun
When you wake this will all be undone
It was all just a dream, a deadly one

Goodbye my love
I enjoyed this one









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Dream, Death, Goodbye, One, Demons

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