Gedicht: Her first goodbye

All she could do was shrug
There was nothing left
No more screaming or crying
or fighting or sighing

As the numbness grow inside her
she accepted the painless emotion
And almost felt like smiling
for the first time in her pathetic little life

Is this the ‘happiness’ I searched for?
Is this the feeling people always try to fake?
Is the ultimate opposite from sadness?
Instead of heartache just no ache at all

With every step she took
she felt her heart grow colder
Until she found herself at the edge,
gazing in the abyss
Filled with darkness and solitude

‘No more screaming or crying
or fighting or sighing’,
it seems to whisper
She nodded and took the final step
….No more looking back now
Just a tiny shrug…..

Over het gedicht:

A final step ending sadness and heartache








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feelings, emo, goodbye, numbness, verdriet, afsche

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