Gedicht: The great spirit

Once in a place where there is no time like we know it.
I existed like a royal descendant of the great spirit.

Keenly aware of my royal heritage,
after all, I lived at the royal court
where the great spirit resides.

Till one day, at the great gathering summoned by the great spirit. The great spirit spoke to us, of a plane of existence very different from our own. And a place called earth needing assistance.

And the great spirit asked whether there we're willing volunteers among us. To help assist the planet and it's people when it was most needed.

The great spirit spoke: those volunteers will descend so the may bring my light to the world. But beware there is a chance you might get caught in the thermoil you'll find youselfs in. Cause you're arrival will cause great upheavel, cause deep down the residents of planet earth will sense my messengers have come. As they have done before.

It will be tricky, cause lot's of those residents might feel compelled to resist or even harm You and those around you. And it is then that i ask of you to remind your royal upbringing and shine my light.

For it is this light that will help the residents of earth to reach a higher plane of existence. Coming closer to me alltogether.

And I was amongst the many who stepped forward agreeing to accept this task. And so it began that we carried all the light we could handle with us. Full well knowing the difficulty we we're going to face on this earthly plane.

So we all had those little reminders of our royal ancestry, enabling us to live as the descendants of the great spirit.
On this earthly plane, where it's residents are often unaware such thing is possible.

But because of that, there are many who are like beacons of light in their hour of need.

B.R. '12








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