Gedicht: The old ones

The old ones speak from experience,
They have been through the motion of life itself.
They know what it all comes down to,
Their acknowledgments, successes and the error of their ways.

A lot depends on them being able to pass on the recollection of their lives to those who come after them.
May it be to impart some words of wisdom,
Maybe their tale of the life they've led,
Maybe to heed a warning to the young ones.

All that and more they have in store for those willing to listen. So their lives may not be forgotten in the circle of life.

They may be old but they are growing bold since they are about to face their demise.
It may be a surprise to experience their final goodbye.

And should we care to pay attention,
Then we get to watch them prepare to be dearly departed, as we do them the honor of the final goodbye.

B.R. '19








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old, listen, demise, departed, goodbye

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