Gedicht: Ideal

Life may not seem to be ideal,
But much more a call to arms.
To fulfill one's destiny,
To bring forth what the heart yearns for.

Treasured moments we may cherish,
To be shared with loved ones.
Held near to our hearts,
Enriching our lives altogether.

All we care to remember,
Is whether we have lived, loved, and laughed.
Dissipating the grim times,
We had to endure from time to time.

Our hearts know of the reason we came here,
What makes us come to life.
What drives us,
Propelling us forward.

The call to arms,
Is standing up,
To make it known,
Why we are here.

This remembrance,
Brings to mind.
What makes us,
To want to live life.

B.R. '19








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life, call, remembrance

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