Gedicht: I will be free

I will be free, you will see,
One day I will laugh, dance and sing,
And take you under my wing.

Yes one day, I will say,
Fuck yeah this is me,
Deal with it!

All the naysayers in the world won’t stop me,
They can’t corrupt me when their silly excuses,
Made up arguments, their damn rhetoric,
Their foolish ways of getting by.

Nay, you no longer impress me,
With that shitty stuff,
Cos I know it’s just a bluff,
And I am calling you out on it.

Nay, I am no longer impressed,
You no longer press me into service,
Of the army of compliance,
You’ll see I am free,
By the way, I carry me,
And the power of my presence.

B.R. ‘18








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free, wing, naysayers, compliance, impress

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