Gedicht: Out tonight

Out tonight

I sink back and stare at the setting sun
Caught by the sight
My eyes capturing the light, of flights in dreams
Caught by despair, within a dream

Motionless, in solitude i sat
When i fall back in my mind set astray
My eyes roll, i’m out
I’m falling
From the earth i’m falling

I wanna die
Gone down the spiral
Negativity’s leading of the edge i’m screaming

These thoughts are killing me
Self destructiveness is filling me

Death’s star at the horizon
Shining a different light
Lights of a violent kind

Dead star, I saw it high and far
Dead star so high and far

Killing clouds and space debris
Shadows stalk me in the corners of my sanity

Memories they haunt me, thoughts of a fuckedup kind
Thoughts that killed me in my mind

Death’s star at the horizon
Shining a different light
Lights of a violent kind
I wanna die
Die tonight

How did it come to this
Shades and trees look all the same to me
How can i trust
I am not myself
I will go, in death i trust
Let the winds take my soul
and rain it away my all
To never ever see the light again

From a dream that died
I scream

I behold the view and cry my heart
No tears that will heal my scars

Goodbye my stars

6 - 6 - 2020

Over het gedicht:

Dichten is een uitlaatklep voor mij, probeer ervan te genieten.








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sad, sorrow, goodbye, pain, dreams

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