Gedicht: So disappointing

So disappointing

Life's disappointing
I've never felt so down before

When i go out
I let them in
Invading sickness,...destroying me within

And there are voices on the wind
Saying they are the maker of the pain
These words speaking the truth
Driving me insane

I wish i was a little better in everything
Just to be a little higher
I wish i could see the sun...,...again!
Just to be someone,...i could love

I'm going away
Retreat into oblivion,...just for today

I don't look behind, as i bury my hope
I give it my all
Mind explosions

On these scapes, i run
Run to be home

I am here to feed the hunger
I let the darkness capture me
it grows stronger and stronger
Finally Controlling me

Dear agony
Where are you
Liberate me

I tremble on my feet
When i walk among the dead forest of decay among trees of oblivion
Whispering winds, calling my name
as i fall into dismay

My mind, it shakes and vibrates
When i try to connect it only brakes
I don't want to go back
My mind's set astray


Over het gedicht:

Dichten is een uitlaatklep voor mij, probeer ervan te genieten.








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verdriet, dark, goodbye, sorrow, depressie

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