Gedicht: Stay high

Stay high

Yet neither taken nor gifted

Tonight life went drifted
To far to reach I couldn’t fix it
I need to go, i’m going alone
My soul got high and lifted

I raise into this nightmare, and redeem this life
Emotions fade as i ascend.
I transcend for the time of the high
I’m the soarer within the night
I fly, fly to die

Here i am free
The high reveling all of me
Emotions divided, defined in me
Still can’t conquer the bridge
The high that is the bridge
I still cant master it
It connects life and all with peace
Even now i can’t reach it
In this i have found my place
For now i am true in my, i won’t fade

Embracing it for the first time in all my life

I gotta stay high all the time
I gotta stay high all my life

I die all the time
Take my time of the days that are left inside
Take it all and hide it, where no one will find it

Over het gedicht:

Dichten is een uitlaatklep voor mij, probeer ervan te genieten.








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sad, dark, nightmare, death, emotional

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