Gedicht: A goddess

A goddess

She spoke to us heavenly
In her godly words we trust
She spoke, from her godly throat
From her lips a lament unfolding
Her words a deadly splendor

It’s about me
About something we don’t see
Obscure night, awake distant life
Read us a light

Revive her life, bring us a goddess
Bring us a god less
Obscure night
You say I’m speechless
That i should speak less
If only you could tell us
Its what you wrote
A poem from our lament closed

I’m at the door i could not close
It’s what you hold
That keeps me down and overdose
Because something you told

A poem from the heart a lament closed
This is the end it’s breathless
I should breathe less
That’s what do us part
Spoken of some unknown doom
We were broken from the start
You were never really here

But i will
My tears hold my wrath
On my breath

You were never really mine
It couldn’t embrace me
Cause it doesn’t exist in the light
All i wanted was you, only you
to face me
The stars won’t really shine

But now it is to late, it’s all in vain
You weren’t there for me, when i fall
You weren’t there to answer my call
Solace and decay, my loathing has fade
faded away
It’s a litany i pray
Spoken in pain
Ablaze the day
It isn’t on my side
Because it doesn’t exist in the light
The door we could not close nor enter i suppose
A poem from the heart a lament closed

My wrath
Leave me alone
Now i am free
I am fearless
That you should fear less
Ore life will be pointlessly
Somehow we belong here
Till someday we will be gone here
With a point less

Existing writing
To this, we don’t belong
What is lost now will never be reborn
Tell us a poem
Our lament closed
We are what you wrote i suppose

All will be done
And my eyes closed
I need to rest
Find peace in recess

Goodbye my love
Goodbye my goddess

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goddess, dark, sad, death, emotional

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