Gedicht: My time is come and gone

My time is come and gone my friend

now I'm death and gone
I let go of man and let them be in command
Life has come to end now
A god i no longer be
I ruled these lands and sea as far as the eye can see
Time for me has come to end

I was hell, Hell was i
Fear of hell, fear of me
Fear of death, for all i must be
I made you, you were mine
In you was i to find
Me as silence, killing all thought
Only silence and fear for its host to hear
Obey to me, master of land and sea
I was hell, hell was i
Me you could not see, with the naked eye
Only death knows me

Slow death, painfull time is yet to come
Dying days a fading sun
souls kill, each other’s to take

Now i am gone you cannot see
You can only feel the absence of me
People want to now, what happend to me

Faith has died reason has fallen
Beautiful happiness sailed at sea
Hold your breath invoke to me
listen, hear the sound
Again someone drownd

No longer one, all to part
Man divided, and not strong
All now are free from which the could not see
I in you in fear you are of me
My death released this spell
And so you of me
You'll see no more of me
You'll be sad and i am free

Why i don't know my death remains a mystery
These lands i know all to well
Are now free from its spell
A global wake from this fallacy
In your head all believe is dead and gone
Your star will fade out in to forever
faded memories faded lifes

For me i am nou to leave
To blow with the winds above it all
Peace will find me here

Now i am dead and gone, my friend
Life's pain has come to end now
Your star will guide my soul
To ride the winds above it all


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Death, Hell, Silence, Verdriet, Fear

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