Gedicht: A weary walker

Slowly, carefully, footsteps approached.
As if the dew that was still present,
Could not be disturbed.
So fragile-looking that the boots came to a halt.

A sigh, as if months of stories were blown out.
Softly, the white cloud floated away in the wind.
Bringing worries and emotions.
And leaving behind a tired body.

How long has it been since these boots entered this land,
With reflections so loud he had to stop it,
Before walkers saw through him.
But people saw how low his shoulders hung.
Saw the look on his sleepless face.

Over het gedicht:

Coming back to my roots, strolling through fields, overthinking life, work, and my future while dealing with burnout.








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life, thoughts, strolling, fields, derkboy

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