Gedicht: All for nothing

All for nothing

I won’t know nor feel
I bleed
Bleed to heal

All I know
i kept, it went
It went lost
Lost for real

I won’t tell
It orbits round my hell
It will fades as todays waste

I won’t show
Face the fall
A stronghold that holds us all

Forever lost
A broken cause
In our souls defined
Tearing us all down tonight
knowing it can’t be found
Not only one but all nights

I know
Always have known
The steel i bite is real
I can’t speak yet tell
What you think
I gave you this hell

Hell bound you will kneel
All is gone this is real

I still won’t tell
You will find
The truth inside this hell
I wish you well

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laat me weten wat je er van vind.








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verdriet, duister, depression, sorrow, hell

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