Gedicht: Drifted


When i drifted.
I drifted far beyond.
Lonely and forgotten i sat.
I bread upon,
a dream that’s already dead and gone.

Only i can come out this far.
Ascend above from between the trees.
Wood around, its the pain in me.
Upon a star i fixed my eyes.
When i wake i knew i was to far away.
Lonely and forgotten , my time has gone.

What have i become.
Nothing has come.
I feel so empty inside.
Light bleeds from me.

I can’t heal the wound that contains me.
Day after day.
Nothing can take the pain away.
A spiritual migration.
Migrating in me.

Can you hear me.
Discover me.
Find me here and feel me.
Feel my pain.

I’ll be there and i’ll be there.
I’ll be that.
I’ll be waiting for all that comes not.
Don’t murder me my love.
Leave me astray.

I will be drifting.
Worlds are shifting.
My mind’s exploding.

The poison.
It’s eating me away.
Until i fade out.

Where is that feeling in which i always drowned.

I’ll be death.
I’ll be that and i’ll be death.

I’ll be the sky.
I’ll be the light.
I’ll be in your eyes.

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verdriet, dark, emotie, death, dood

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