Gedicht: As the water flows

As I’m writing this poem, so solemn,
gazing at waters in their endless motion,
uncertain from where the wind has come,
lost in a sea of thoughts, like waves in the ocean.

My gaze hovers over the waves,
drawing me into the depths below,
The endless, my mind craves,
mesmerized by the endless flow.

Through the mist, origins unclear,
a sailboat emerges in the distance.
its wooden hull groans, yet it does not fear,
braving the waters with great persistence.

As I drift closer to the water's edge,
incapable of feeling its cold.
For it no longer holds a pledge,
when the water becomes my mold.

Floating above a bed of sand and gravel,
covered with rocks and shells, broken yet grand.
Breathing in the quiet and space, I unravel,
In this timeless space, my thoughts expand.

Over het gedicht:

As I'm thinking of the beach, I'm writing this poem.








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