Gedicht: Jules

Jules 6.

My love

for you

makes my life

feel true.


A not-opened heart


like an

unplayed card.

Jules 7.

I love you

but what

you do?

Do you

love me?

Or what

will it be?

Jules 2.

Love to an earth-ling

I mean:

love to you

is a real, good and pure thing

so that’s

what I do.

Jules 2002.3.

I hate to see you sad,

coz I hate to see you cry.

So the next time when there

flow your tears;

you’ve got to tell me why.

Jules 2002.4

One love

with kept

both feet

on the ground.

If no-one


I also

won’t make

a sound.


You wanna know

what I think, boy?

Then I tell you so

that you can give me joy

Yes, you were some arrogance, last time

but, that isn't just not yet a crime

Has anyone ever said that?

Then you can forget what (s)he said

You wannna know what's a crime?

Time boy, time

Time moves too quick, times moves too fast

but arrogance's crime and time's all the best*

but I don't go further writing 'bout this

I'm gonna write 'bout you, you the one I miss

come on lover, where are you hiding now for me?

But better watch out before telling that,

'cause you soon agree;

That there's only one way of all the ways left you can choose:

and that's to choose me before you loose!

Sorry for doing now arrogance too

I only wanna find out my deeper who

If you can understand it all for so far

then I'm the right one to sit next to you in your car

But before I do that

Have you got a driver-license? I don't like to be dead

Yeah, I wanna know that one thing

I like my life in which I can sing

Sing, sing along with Julian Lennon muic

Yeah, that can give me a kick

I remember every tune

which is written by Julian; before in and after June

But I won't give you the numbers of the years

'cause finally

I know Julian cares

'bout me and everything musically

*This is cynical.

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