Gedicht: All we are

All we are

So this is all we are
Closed minds beneath a broken star

So this is who we are
No matter where we gone
We stand alone afar
Nothing will be done
Life's drifted, yet lifted

Who are we suppose to be
Broken hearts, fear of what we see
Hope's gone faith has fallen
There's nothing coming in me
Against the wall tears are calling

So this is all we saw
Our light so high so far
In our dreams we live in peace
Spinning round a cold death star

Our minds could not find nor see
Why the sun shines so bright but not in me
Beautiful lie i face at night
My dreams are lucid and full of me
To withdraw our minds, our thoughts take flight
Broken days, empty in the light
Escape into dreams, escape at night

Silent star so high and far
Can you tell us who we are
Tell us where we be
Shine a light, shine it in me

Send us home, make us free
Broken faces with no destiny
silent planet, a burning star
Seek for hope in who we are

So this is all we are
I pray, that one day we hope to see
The light with beauty in you an me









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All, Who, Are, See, Burning

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